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:HeatHaze: Hiraku Mikazuki by Aiko188 :HeatHaze: Hiraku Mikazuki by Aiko188

"I'm not afraid to get hurt no matter how hard my path is..."

EDIT (21/6): OMG I WAS NOTICED :iconpapcryplz: thank u for accepting mehh <333 also her story's changed a bit to bring her bk to Japan too so ye _(:'3_| |_)_

EDIT (18/6): I saw the examples okay I think I got it now dammit Hiraku how do I write your story now

EDIT (16/6): Mainly bio stuff cuz I realized I'm missing some parts lol aiko go to sleep its 1AM also I'm totally not desperate to join hahahahaha ok i am *sobs*

PS. Please check out the theme song, I swear it's practically how she acts (I'm not even sure if I based her of the song without myself know it lol)

I needed an excuse to make a Kagepro OC and here it is muahahahah :'D Can't stop me now~~~


Here Yuma ur dumb twinny and Shiki's really stupid duo partner


Theme Song: A Bug's Ballad/Mushi no Ballad
Voice Sample: Nana Mizuki

Name: Hiraku Mikazuki (火楽  朏 )

Nickname: Hira

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height/Weight: 167cm/62kg

Occupation: College Student (Major: Modern Literature)

Nationality: Japanese

Hyperactive | Considerate | Physically Unfit | Stubborn | Clingy | Naive
Hiraku is a very hyperactive lady which may or may not be because of her eye ability but sometimes it gets annoying. Although she does things at a hurried pace she is actually very considerate for others and will try her best to control herself when  faced with others, sometimes even putting the happiness of others before her own. Contrasting with her ability, she's a very unfit person and can only do about 5 push ups before she gives up on life. (Probably due to her cheating her way around with her ability or because she takes forever writing things on her iPad and laptop.) 

Hiraku is actually quite stubborn when her views are disputed by others even if she knows they are right, she tends to sigh a lot when it happens. Despite her introvert appearance, she's actually really clingy and loves skin ship (hugging monster). She's actually very naive when it comes to relationships and current issues so she just goes with the flow (or she looks up things on Urban Dictionary). She has a strong detest for skirts and would rather be found dead than caught in a skirt or dress. 

Ability Level:
Accelerating Eyes || E.A. LEVEL: :bulletblue::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
When she uses the ability it seems that she has teleported to another location but in actual fact she has moved at the speed of light. In her perspective, it seems that time has stopped for her and how far she actually moves is dependent on how far she runs for the duration of time that the ability is active (usually in a blink of her eye). If she over uses her ability, she will get headaches and eye strain (from keeping her eyes open). She cannot sustain the ability for more than 3 blinks or she will faint. She will get physically tired too during the duration of which she uses her ability because how far she has travels is totally dependent on how fast she runs in her retrospective time-stop (which is not far with her physique). 

It is possible to pull others into her time-stop mode by direct contact but when this is initiated the person must never lose contact with her or they will be thrown out of the time-stop making them return to the current time regardless of whether Hiraku has blinked. If she touches the person again during the time-stop, it will not work. It is possible to see her move during the time when her ability is activated if you use a slow-mo camera or if there's an eye ability that can slow time or counter hers.

Coming from a well off family, Hiraku never thought that her life could change much and thought everything to be boring. In most fact she never cared about important things like her studies (which she was actually good at) and actually had a bigger interest in things that brought fun to her life. At the age of 9, she was coming back from a trip from the UK with her family. Little did they know the plane was badly maintained by the company and the one of the engine's blew up in a puff of flames. Everything happened too fast, the young girl didn't know what happened, she blacked out and awoke in a life boat with less than half the surviving passengers on the flight. She looked around, but only saw her mother. She asked where daddy was but her mother tensed and told her to go back to sleep as she held her and trembled with tears. Hiraku knew the answers then and chose to obey. 

When they got back to Japan, after the funeral of her dad, she became distant from her friends and spent more time with her mother. She only felt it then, the importance of family and realized that she had to look up and move on to live her life to the maximum.  A few years later, when she was walking home from school, she was mugged and in her struggle to break free of the bad men, she felt her surroundings slowing down, must have been the adrenaline. She never ran this fast before neither had she needed too ever before. Her legs hurt but if she stood there she knew that her father from up above would have never forgiven her. With deep breaths she could feel her lugs hurt, she was not the active type but she had to run away from the scary bad men. She glanced to her side, she was in front of her house. Laughing out of the irony, she finally stopped and closed her eyes then, everything hurt.

She thought she was dead. Her last thoughts before then were about her father, she wondered if this was how he felt. The numbness overtaking her senses, the darkness seeping through the sides of her vision. The fear of dying, the fear of leaving those who you love. Maybe if there were a way to bring happiness back to herself, she would do it in a heart beat. She did not want to live a life full of worries and risk, where if you misstep the boundaries you may end up on the other side. Maybe just maybe, if she did not do a thing to risk her life or those of others, she could find the happiness she wished for.

This time she awoke in a hospital bed with her mom by her side. Apparently she was out of it for nearly a week since then. The look on her mother's face was all she needed to set her mind on track to avoid the pains in life and stay safe for herself and others. She always kept a journal then, to keep memories of her days in safeness. Although she felt completely safe now, she had a hole in herself, she felt empty as if she were already dead on the inside. She merely brushed it off as normal to adapting to a "normal" life again but that feeling never left her.

When she was 15, he mother remarried a foreigner and decided to move to her stepfather's country. She had no choice but to pick up English for real now (she did before but she sucked bad) and was at first a bit reluctant to ride on a plane again but her mother smooth talked her into it. Upon the years in the unfamiliar country, she was bullied by the local students on how she could not communicate well with the others. "This was why I did not want to come here! I'll get bullied to death..." She thought to herself daily. She would usually sit far away from others and be alone about 80% of the time. She was used to getting ignored but all the pent up frustration kept going. She snapped one day, before her new family no less. She lashed out at her mother for remarrying someone, telling her she forgot about father. She told her stepfather that he should have never met her mother. She knew inside what she was saying was totally irrational and it was the anger speaking. When she was done, all her mother could do was stare at her but then she got up and slapped her across her face. 

"It's not like I would never forget him but we all have to move on child. All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players," Hiraku was cradling her face when her mother had said that. She recognized it of course to be William Shakespeare's famous quote. "They have their exits and entrances..." She continued under her breath as her mother wept and went away with her stepfather merely giving her an empathizing look and proceeded to console his wife. Days went on in silence between the child and mother. Hiraku hated herself for those days, she hated everything and everyone but she had nothing and nobody to blame but herself.

Determined by the fear of being alone and set aside, she put all her effort into learning English and deviled into the world of English literature. From then on she was bullied less and also started writing her stories in English. She graduated high school with flying colours. She mended her bond with her family after that, she apologized deeply for the words of pure rage she has poured down on them. She did not expect to be forgiven as it took so long for her to realize how much her mother had put up with her even though she said all those things. Her mother merely took it as a small thing and accepted her apology like Hiraku had just accidentally broke a cup or something. She appreciated her mother being this kind, but as a daughter she would never forgive herself. Later that year, her half-sister, Hildegard was born on August 15th.

Her parents then paid a little less attention to her but she did not mind much. She decided to study modern literature in  college and her parents did not see why not. In all honesty, college was not really her true intention on leaving the country. She heard rumors of a place that would grant her any wish or was it to fix her biggest regret in life. She did not care anymore, she wanted happiness, if not for herself, for others she loved. She gave up trying to live a "normal" life long ago, she needed to find this place and put things in order.

That's how she got to this city, a metropolis of true mystery surprisingly in her home country of Japan. Of course she came her for her studies in the modern literature too and she was quite rusty in her Japanese by now but it was really refreshing to be back in her home country. Following rumors and various sources, she entered the Heat Haze zones every now and then to look for her goal. Sometime she would spot a black length slithering across the area other times there were hissing sounds engulfing her. She eventually got her eye ability after a few trips. Was this what she was looking for after all these years?

:::>> Her eyes are different colours (right: blue; left: green) but when she activates her ability they become the same red colour.
:::>> She loves her beanie and does not care if you say it contradicts with her hoodie
:::>> She does not wear anything under her hoodie (wink wonk)
:::>> She speaks politely even though she dresses this way
:::>> Shiki is her duo partner together they are the Fabbu Dan
:::>> Although Japanese is her first language and English being her close second she is deciding if she should learn other languages like Chinese or something
:::>> She's gay (maybe I dunno yet but she's definitely a bisexual)
:::>>  She like blue but she can't decide if green is better than red because her left eye is green (and her right is blue) but her hair is red.
:::>> She admires models, she thinks they're really pretty and everything she's not
:::>> After what happened in her past, she has a slight fear of planes but not heights (helicopters are okay though)
:::>> She likes hugging Shiki because she's warm and just the right size also she makes Hiraku forget the scary things
:::>> She doesn't tell people much of herself but she listens to the others more n tries to make them happy.
:::>> Although she loves her step-father and half-sister a lot, she will always have a connection to her real dad
:::>> Usually, she does not act the way she does around people when she's alone
:::>> She met Shiki coincidentally when she was in the mall looking for her beanie (the current one she's wearing because she lost her previous one when she moved in to her hostel)
:::>> She loves people to be honest but when she's in her writing mode it's best not to stop her
:::>> On nights when the crescent moon is high in the sky, she gets moody because it reminds her of her father (her surname literally means "crescent")
:::>> When days are good she thinks "Maybe happiness does exist after all," but when things go south her mind yells "Why would happiness ever exist for a girl like me," and with all her might she will hide her dark emotions unless left alone
Shiki Tsugahara (C) niekaori 
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